Astrid is a lovely female orangutan that we found and rescued five years ago around an oil palm plantation, located in Central Kalimantan. At the time of her rescue Astrid was 9 years old. Astrid was brought to Nyaru Menteng to undergo intensive medical checks.

Although she’s considered as a wild orangutan, she is actually very sweet. She always shows an expression of mischievous curiosity. If something annoys her, she will sneer and make funny “kissing” sounds. We call these sounds kiss-squeaks.

Astrid has different physical characteristics from most orangutans. The skin on her legs tends to be yellow, so is the hair on her face. Very pretty!

For almost five years now, Astrid has stayed at Nyaru Menteng. She is very healthy and happy as she is soon going to leave Nyaru Menteng. Astrid will be reintroduced to the forest. Astrid is going home.


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