In early June 2008, a female orangutan (around 4-5 years old) was confiscated from one of the local houses in Mantangai Hulu, Central Kalimantan. The man who kept her said that he had found her in an oil palm plantation nearby. Upon meeting us, the man was very cooperative and surrendered the orangutan to us. The young orangutan was immediately brought to our Rehabilitation Center, Nyaru Menteng and we named her Monic.

At that time, her condition was heartbreaking. We were told that for the two days between her capture and our arrival, she refused any food and drink, so by the time the Nyaru Menteng team arrived, she was extremely dehydrated. The vets on site had to give her intravenous fluid support to make sure she would survive the 5 hours drive to our Centre.

Fortunately, that was her only medical problem. As soon as she adjusted to the caretakers in the Center, she started to eat and drink. This kind of stress condition upon arrival is very common especially in wild adolescent/adult orangutans.

After a full assessment our expert team concluded that she was pretty much grown up and already had the knowledge and skills needed to survive in the forest on her own, independent of a mother. Monic is now ready. Within days, she will return to the forest and live the life that once was hers.


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