When she was found several years ago, this female orangutan named Tantri was around 4 years old, weighing only 10 kg. A joint team from The BOS Foundation and BKSDA (Conservation and Natural Resources Authority) rescued her from around a local oil palm plantation area.

Tantri was a wild orangutan who had never had any contact with humans. She was approximately 4 years old then, an age where she had learned all the basic skills to survive, yet supposed to be still with her mother for at least another 2 years. However, because she was found in a plantation and without her mother, it was too risky to release her immediately to an unfamiliar forest. Without her mother, Tantri might not be able to survive.

Beautiful Tantri has a long, brown and curly hair with a white-mottled face. Tantri is now 9 years old and thankfully, this free-spirited young lady is ready to be released in the forest. She is among the first release candidates from Nyaru Menteng and will soon embark on her final journey home.


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