Bukit Batikap Flyover!

On February 1-3, 2012, as part of the preparations for our release program in Central Kalimantan our team undertook a helicopter flyover of the Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest (Hutan Lindung) to review the locations of our camp site, helipad and also identify future animal release points.

The Nyaru Menteng Program Manager, Anton Nurcahyo, was accompanied by BOSF Senior Advisor to the CEO, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Jacqueline “Jacqui” Sunderland-Groves, our technician and photographer, Indra, and our future Camp Manager who will be based on site, Ahmat.

Preparing for a chopper ride

The team travelled 13 hours by road from Palangka Raya to Puruk Cahu to meet up with the helicopter team for the flyover on the 2nd of February and spent almost two hours surveying the area.

Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest

Bukit Batikap has been selected as our first release site as it fits with international and national criteria perfectly in terms of its suitability for reintroduction of orangutans.

Planned camp location on site

You can see from the images how remote and pristine this forest site is. Over the coming days and with the approval from the government, our team will be busy constructing a helipad and the basic infrastructure we need to start our release and monitoring program.


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