Let’s Meet the Release Team: drh. Fransiska Sulistyo

drh. Fransiska Sulistyo
Head Veterinarian at the BOS Foundation Reintroduction Centre at Nyaru Menteng

Siska first started her career with the BOS Foundation after graduating in 2007. In 2009, she was assigned to lead the vet team in ensuring the highest standards of health care for more than 600 orangutans under our care at Nyaru Menteng.

Siska’s daily activities include all aspects of veterinary practice and reporting, managing the orangutans’ health as an entire population as well as giving enough care and attention to sick and injured individuals. Her most personal experience with the orangutans was when she had to be a surrogate mother for a 6 week old baby orangutan who was rejected by his mother. Her biggest dream is obviously to see all of her beloved orangutans released back to the forest and start a new life on their own.

That dream is about to become reality and soon, she will escort the very first group of orangutans to be released in Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest!


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