Let’s Meet the Release Team: Anna Marzec

Anna Marzec
Post-Release Monitoring Coordinator at the BOS Foundation Reintroduction Centre at Nyaru Menteng

Anna has a Masters degree in Biology with a specialization on Ecology and a main interest in primate conservation. Anna first started working with wild primates in Sebangau National Park in Central Kalimantan through volunteering for OuTrop in 2008.  Subsequently in 2009, Anna worked as a field research assistant for the Macaca Nigra Project in Tangkoko–Batuangus Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi then in 2010, she spent seven months in the Ketambe Research Station situated within Gunung Leuser National Park in the province of Aceh in Sumatra, following long-tailed macaques as a research assistant. Anna has recently joined the BOS Foundation family, specifically to work with our post-release monitoring team.  She is looking forward to working in the pristine, undisturbed forest of Bukit Batikap to observe our reintroduced orangutans in their daily life and carefully monitor their progress in their new home back where they should be – the primary rainforest.


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