Let’s Meet the Release Team: drh. Agus Fahroni

drh. Agus Fahroni
Veterinarian at the BOS Foundation Reintroduction Centre at Nyaru Menteng

Veterinarian Agus Fahroni is originally from Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan and following his graduation from the Bogor Agricultural Institute in 2005, he returned to Central Kalimantan and joined our team in 2007. As such Agus has dedicated the last five years of his life to working with the BOS Foundation at Nyaru Menteng as one of our six veterinarians on our Medical Team.

Agus loves being part of the team as it is his personal passion to help protect and conserve endangered species, especially those endemic to Central Kalimantan.  For the past five years, Agus has often been part of the key personnel on the Nyaru Menteng Rescue Team, rescuing orangutans from oil palm plantations and translocating them to areas of safe natural habitat.

Together with drh. Siska and the Release Team, Agus will be escorting Astrid, Monic, Tantri and Tarzan back to their long awaited home in the forest.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Meet the Release Team: drh. Agus Fahroni

  1. ahahayyyyyyyyy…asiknya bapak ini..eksis banget gayanya…………………………….astrid tantri monic dan tarzan gelisah menunggu hari H nya…semoga semua berjalan sesuai rencana…amin…1 minggu ini pak agus harus banyak makan,nanti disana makin langsing pak, membuatku iri saja….semoga release nya berkelanjutan,biar ou nya cepat pulang kerumah yg sebenarnya……….

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