Let’s Meet the Release Team: Simon Husson

Simon Husson
Scientific Advisor at the BOS Foundation Reintroduction Centre at Nyaru Menteng 

Simon Husson is the Scientific Advisor to Nyaru Menteng on the orangutan reintroduction project, working closely with the project manager to find suitable release sites, devise and implement a release strategy and undertake post-release monitoring to make sure the orangutans are healthy and adapting well to their new environment. Simon has worked for orangutan conservation in Kalimantan for 17 years, first visiting the island in 1995 as an undergraduate zoology student with the University of Nottingham and then co-founding the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project to promote research and conservation in the Sabangau peat-swamp forest. His research was focused on studies of orangutan density, distribution and impacts of illegal logging in Sabangau, providing the essential scientific basis for establishing protected-area status and conservation management plans for the region.

Simon joined the BOS Foundation as an advisor in 2008, coordinating orangutan translocations in 2009 and has made many trips into the forests of Murung Raya to locate and assess sites for reintroduction. He will be at the release site awaiting the orangutan’s arrival by helicopter and reporting back on the progress after release


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