Let’s Meet the Release Team: Ahmat Suyoko

Ahmat Suyoko 

GIS and Data Coordinator at Nyaru Menteng

Ahmat is the GIS and Data coordinator in Nyaru Menteng and will be managing the release camp operations – making him one of the most crucial people in this project.

Ahmat has spent more time than most in the forests of Murung Raya, carrying out site-suitability surveys in all four corners of this remote district.  His role is to set up and manage a working research camp in the heart of the forest so we can monitor the orangutans after their release.

Ahmat is a native of Central Kalimantan, originally working as a boatman and forester before joining the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project as a field researcher in 2002, where he helped to set up the long-term orangutan behaviour research project.  In 2004, he joined Nyaru Menteng and has worked on many different projects, specialising in surveying potential locations for releases and sanctuaries, compiling reports, mapping our sites using GIS and was involved in all our previous orangutan translocations. Ahmat has been on-site in Batikap for the past month where he and the team have recently completed building the helipad ready for the orangutan’s arrival.  As a trained Helicopter Landing Officer, Ahmat will be guiding the helicopter down on the big day.


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