Let’s Meet the Release Team: Denny Kurniawan

Denny Kurniawan

Project Development Leader at Nyaru Menteng

Denny is the Project Development Leader in Nyaru Menteng, coordinating our external government relations and community engagement activities.  Obtaining government agreements and community support is a critical part of this project.

We are making a sincere and long-term commitment to assisting local communities in the areas in which we are working, helping them define and achieve their development goals and fully engage with our project, and helping Murung Raya District achieve its development goals.

Denny graduated in civil engineering from the University of Palangkaraya.  During his studies he witnessed first-hand the plight of thousands of people left in poverty after the failure of the massive ‘Mega-rice project’, an exercise in social and environmental engineering that went badly wrong.  Denny established an NGO, Yayasan Cakrawala Indonesia, with student colleagues to work on community development, environmental education, fire prevention and sustainable agriculture projects.  Their Katingan development programme was seen as a model for projects of this type, for which Denny won the prestigious Whitley Award for Nature Conservation presented by HRH Princess Anne in London.  Denny moved to the BOS Foundation in 2010, applying to our projects his vision for conservation to be driven by community integration and partnership.


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