Let’s Meet the Release Team: Ahmad Syarif

Ahmad Syarif

Technician at Nyaru Menteng

Born in Central Kalimantan, Ahmad  joined the BOS Foundation as a technician in 2007. A technician’s role focuses on providing the necessary care and welfare for our orangutans and over the last 5 years, Ahmad has gained a wealth of experience in working and caring for orangutans together with a strong insight into captive orangutan behaviour and the process of rehabilitation. Part of Ahmad’s work focuses on our  orangutan school at Mid Way 2, though he has also played a major role in our orangutan field rescue program.

Over the years Ahmad has worked closely with our veterinary and rescue teams and has been selected as part of the technical team who will accompany our first orangutans back to the forest at Bukit Batikap.  He very much hopes that with support from all stakeholders, the first releases will lay the foundation for our successful release program in the years to come.


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