Let’s Meet the Release Team: drh. Maryos Vigoury Tandang

drh. Maryos Vigoury Tandang

Veterinarian at the BOS Foundation Reintroduction Centre at Nyaru Menteng

Born in Palangka Raya, veterinarian drh. Maryos Vigoury Tandang has been working for the BOS Foundation Orangutan Reintroduction Program  at Nyaru Menteng for 3 years.  Maryos has gained a huge amount of experience working with orangutans during his time at Nyaru Menteng and probably one of his most memorable moments so far is being involved in one of our orangutan rescues.  After trekking for hours through difficult terrain, the team successfully rescued orangutans in desperate need of help.  Nothing is more rewarding that being part of a team that saves some of these unique, endangered apes.

Now we are starting our release program, Maryos hopes that over the next few years all of our healthy, able orangutans will return to natural habitat and live as wild orangutans should.


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