Let’s Meet the Release Team: Mas Untung, S.Pi

Mas Untung, S.Pi

Communication Officer at Nyaru Menteng

Born in Bukit Liti, Untung joined the BOS Foundation Orangutan Reintroduction Program at Nyaru Menteng in 2004, first as a Technician then later as a Communications Officer.  Communication and conservation education within local communities is a very important aspect of the work we do to ensure local people support and understand the importance of protecting orangutans and forests. .  Through community support deforestation can be minimized and the wildlife which inhabit the forest can be protected.

Untung, who graduated from the University of Palangka Raya, very much hopes that though his work on conservation  education and communication, he can significantly contribute to the long-term protection efforts for orangutans and their natural habitat.


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