They are Finally Going Home!

After months of detailed planning we are drawing very close to beginning our release program!  Our field team are already in Batikap preparing for the arrival of the orangutans and this morning the helicopter successfully landed in Batikap so the pilots could check the helipad and landing conditions at our camp site.  The only way we can get orangutans into Batikap is by helicopter.    Great care was taken in selecting the site for our helipad to ensure that we did not disturb any natural forest.  The final helipad site selected was scrub land which you can see as the light green area on the earlier photo of our campsite location.

The team at Nyaru Menteng are equally busy with last minute preparations to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow morning when we move Tarzan, Astrid, Monic and Tantri to the Tjilik Riwut airport in Palangka Raya so they can commence the first step of their journey to Batikap.  Tomorrow the orangutans will fly from Palangka Raya to Puruk Cahu and after,resting overnight in our enclosure facility in Puruk Cahu, the orangutans will complete the final stage of their journey by helicopter on Tuesday.

Tarzan, Astrid, Monic and Tantri are finally going home!


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