The Orangutans are Halfway Home

Tarzan, Astrid, Monic and Tantri are halfway home!

Today was an amazing day for the whole team and as of now we can happily report that the orangutans are already half way home!

The day started at 6 am in Midway, which is our second facility at Nyaru Menteng and the site where our quarantine facility is located.   Like all our release candidates, Tarzan, Monic, Tantri and Astrid must complete a strict quarantine period in order to ensure they are completely healthy before they go to the forest.   Our experienced team of vets and technicians successfully moved the orangutans into transport cages to enable their journey to begin.

The orangutans were transported by road to the VIP Room at Tjilik Riwut Airport where a leaving ceremony was held in their honor. During all the preparations and travel, great care was taken to ensure they were comfortable and constantly monitored.

The leaving ceremony was presided over by the Minister of Forestry, the Vice of Governor of Central Kalimantan on behalf of the Governor, the Regent of Murung Raya District, the Head of BKSDA and many other important government representatives.   A very special goodbye indeed for our orangutans!

Directly after the ceremony, the orangutans were loaded on to a small plane and transported together with the release team, including vets drh. Agus and drh. Maryos, to Puruk Cahu.  This is only a 55 minutes journey and the orangutans behaved perfectly.

On arrival in Puruk Cahu our ground team were standing by to meet us with vehicles and support from the staff at IMK, enabling us to immediately transport Tarzan, Astrid, Monic and Tantri to our transit enclosure located within the IMK compound. The technicians and medical teams, supported by the rest of the BOSF staff on site successfully introduced our orangutans into our transit enclosures despite the fact that it took 7 of us to help Tarzan safely enter his enclosure.   Tarzan is a very large adult male and although sweet natured, still possesses the skills needed to survive in the wild and doesn’t appreciate being the center of attention by his human caregivers.

Tarzan, Astrid, Monic and Tantri are safely settled into our transit enclosures at Puruk Cahu and tomorrow morning, after a ceremony with the Regent of Murung Raya, they will fly to Bukit Batikap by helicopter.

They will finally going home. Wish us luck.

Arrived in Midway2

Maryos V Tandang, checking the cage

Loading in the cages to the truck

Ceremony at Tjilik Riwut

All Team with BKSDA


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