Update from the Forest: The Monitoring program begins!

Returning after dark from day 1 of monitoring Tarzan, Astrid, Monic and Tantri, Scientific Advisor Simon Husson reported by satellite phone yesterday at 18.25 that all the orangutans were successfully followed by the monitoring teams until they made their nests for the night. Astrid, who had bolted out of her cage when Program Manager Anton Nurcahyo opened the door, continued her tree climbing in various trees and made several nests before finally settling down for the night. Monic followed Astrid closely and the two were also joined by Tantri. All the girls made quite a few nests as didn’t appear to be satisfied with their first attempts, however by night fall all were settled, nesting close together. We are hoping that they will stick together while they familiarize themselves with their new forest home. As for Tarzan, he climbed up and up until he finally found a good resting place for the night.

All the orangutans need a very good nights sleep ready for a fully day of foraging tomorrow. Sleep well all.


7 thoughts on “Update from the Forest: The Monitoring program begins!

    • Many thanks for posting Nick and also for following the orangutans journey! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on their progress. Thanks again for your support and we send best wishes from the orangutans!

  1. I have tears of joy just reading about Tantri, Monic, Astrid and Tarzan’s freedom. How happy and tearful must the team be that have made it possible. I’m so proud of the tiny role the BOS membership fees, donations, gifts and adoptions from my own family has played and will use this amazing step forward to encourage them to continue.
    Thank you for what you are doing BOS and please never stop.

    • Hi Lee! We were indeed very tearful after months and months of work from all our amazing teams to make this happen. Thanks so much for your support which means so very much to us all. The only way we can release more orangutans is through the ongoing dedication and generosity of our supporters so thank you to you and your entire family!

    • Thanks so much Siska! We are all miss you (orangutans included) and wish you so much success with your continued studies!

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