Monitoring Results from 29 February: Orangutans are eating wild foods!

Simon and the monitoring team are checking in with us daily by satellite phone and yesterday reported that Astrid, Tantri and Monic (“the girls”) are sticking together and eating wild foods!  So far they have eaten figs, wild nutmeg, rattan, bark and other known orangutan foods which is fantastic news. They are moving around together and working out their hierarchy however Astrid, being the oldest, is clearly confident in her new home and the two younger girls are following her decisive lead.

Tarzan is taking his time to adjust to his new forest surroundings and has decided to keep to himself in his favoured tree.  The team are following the orangutans every day from 4 am through until the orangutans make their new night nest sites at the end of each day so we are observing and collecting data on all of them continuously and will report on their progress.


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