Monitoring Update: March 2

The team have been continually monitoring the orangutans and reported in today that Astrid and Monic have traveled about 400 meters from their release point and Tantri is similarly exploring her new forest home.  Tarzan has also begun to move around the forest and has left his tree!  All of the  orangutans are fine and the team will continue to radio track them all tomorrow and over the coming days.


3 thoughts on “Monitoring Update: March 2

  1. Thank you so much for all of this good news. I look forward to the next report. Will you be keeping track of them on a regular basis? Will there be patrols to keep them safe? And have the local people been involved to understand what a treasure they have now?

    • Hi Marcia, many thanks for following the orangutans remarkable journey and for posting your comment! Indeed, this is a long-term program and we have whole field team (a Orangutan Monitoring Protection Unit – OMPU) on the ground full time to continually track, locate and collect data all our reintroduced orangutans in order to evaluate progress. We also have a Community Development team working closely with local communities to continue to develop long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders, especially our neighbours. Thanks again for your support and we look foward to updating you.

      • Thank you so much for this information, I’m so pleased that you have such a good program in place. Even “safe” forests can pose dangers and poachers, of course, are the biggest threat. I look forward to more updates. All best wishes.

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