Monitoring Update: March 6

Scientific Advisor Simon Husson checked in today with us to give us a quick update from the field.  The orangutan monitoring is going well with teams mobilized each day to track all the orangutans and observe their daily activities – a lot of walking is needed to keep up with everyone!  Life in the forest is very wet at the moment with constant rainfall so the camp crew continue to make improvements to the camp and finalise the transect system we are using to help us keep a continuous record on which areas the orangutans are using and moving between.  In the meantime those of us not in the forest are busy planning for the next orangutan releases.  Our planning is extremely rigorous as a great deal of logistics are involved and every safety angle must be covered to ensure safe release processes.  As soon as we have more news on our next candidates and dates for release, we’ll be sure to update you!

By the way, this is the picture of the release and monitoring team in Bukit Batikap 😀


2 thoughts on “Monitoring Update: March 6

  1. Many thanks Tony and our sincere thanks to all BOS Australia supporters and indeed our wonderful supporters around the globe! Your contributions have helped us to make this happen so thank you!

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