Adventurous Tantri!

Monitoring Update: March 8

Communicating with our team in the field this morning, they are pleased to report that the tracking equipment is working really well and has been instrumental in helping us keep a close eye on the orangutans movements. Astrid and Monic continue to stick together and they were even seen making a nest together! This is unusual, as normally adult orangutans make their own separate nest each night, however at Nyaru Menteng Astrid and Monic were next door neighbours so they had obviously formed a close bond which seems to be continuing in their new forest home.

Tantri has been very adventurous and has travelled 900 metres to the other side of the river!

Tantri has been very adventurous in exploring her new home and yesterday the team tracked her to her current location – 900 metres on the other side of the river.  Obviously, without the use of the tracking equipment, it would have been very difficult for our team to easily locate her, so this technology is already proving how vital it is to enable us to follow the progress of all of our orangutans.

As for the lovely Tarzan, he is being less adventurous and has remained within the general area of his release, but we expected that all of our orangutans would behave differently in their new home and Tarzan has clearly decided to take his time and approach his new home in a much more relaxed manner!

There are plenty of wild orangutan foods available, and our team continue to record phenology data so we can plot fruiting seasons which will help us to plan orangutan releases at the most optimum times of the year.  Plus whilst tracking the orangutans, the team are also seeing and recording lots of wildlife including gibbons and leaf monkeys which is very exciting!

We’ll continue to post more updates and thanks to you all for your support and for following the remarkable journey of the orangutans.


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