The Journey Continues!

31 March 2012

Puruk Cahu 05.00 am. After settling the orangutans into their overnight accommodation in Puruk Cahu, the team worked late last night to ensure all the necessary logistics for the new schedule were in place. Hopefully today we’ll have good weather!

Nyaru Menteng 7.00 am. At Nyaru Menteng, the remaining 5 orangutans are getting ready to be transported to the airport, then to Puruk Cahu. Sedation process starts smoothly. Jojo is the first to be sedated by Vet Meryl.

At Nyaru Menteng, Vet Meryl is sedating and preparing Jojo for the long trip home

Nyaru Menteng 07.05 am. Next, it is Heldi’s turn to be sedated.

Heldi's turn to be sedated

Nyaru Menteng 07.10 am. The second “cheek-pad” male orangutan, Komeng, gets his turn.

Komeng is our 2nd male orangutan that has already developed a cheek-pad

Puruk Cahu 07.20 am. While in Puruk Cahu, Bunga and Kali already sedated and ready to go!

Puruk Cahu 07.30 am. Bang Jagur ready to go!

Nyaru Menteng 07.30 am. Back in Nyaru Menteng, all 5 orangutans are also ready to go and are loaded into the truck.

Nyaru Menteng 08.00 am. The 5 orangutans and the second team departs from Nyaru Menteng, heading to Tjilik Riwut Airport in Palangka Raya.

Puruk Cahu 08.00 am. And then there were five! The first five going to Batikap by helicopter are ready for pick up at the IMK compound. Good luck Bang Jagur, Bunga, Kali, Mama Tata and Tata. Ompong will wait for his friends and go in on the second helicopter trip.

Puruk Cahu 08.20 am. Program Manager Anton Nurcahyo and the team load Mama Tata on to the truck at IMK for transfer to the helicopter landing site.

Puruk Cahu 08.25 am. Vet Maryos checks Bang Jagur before he is transferred to the helicopter landing site.

Puruk Cahu 08.30 am. Helicopter on its way ETA 08.50. Bunga is already awake and obviously anticipating her new life as is making a nest in her travel cage with the vegetation we used for her bedding! Good for you Bunga – not long now! And as soon as the Squirrel lands, followed by the Bell Helicopter, we secured Mama Tata, Bang Jagur, Bunga and Kali safely in the sling load while Tata was loaded inside the Bell.

Puruk Cahu 09.00 am. Loading and securing the slingload.

Puruk Cahu 09.15 am. And they are off! Bell leaves at 09.15 and the Squirrel a few minutes after. It will take the Bell around 40-50 minutes to reach our camp in Batikap and the Squirrel around an hour. The Squirrel will go slower to ensure the orangutans safety. Program Manager Anton, vet Rosalie and technician Ade are accompanying Tata on the Bell.

The Headquarters, Bogor 10.30 am. The team at the Headquarters received a Twitter message from our Vet Meryl (@MerylYemima) that the five orangutans who left from Nyaru Menteng this morning have arrived safely at IMK Airport, Puruk Cahu. They are now waiting for the helicopters to return from Batikap. And they will soon rejoin their friends in the forest!



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