Monitoring Preparation in Bukit Batikap

Bukit Batikap, March 31st, 2012.

Special menu in the forest: rice with kangkung, noodles and sardines was enough to recharge our energy! 

Vet Agus and Pak Sanang from Tumbang Naan were resting after setting up the new transect line, named the Taufik Transect Route.

We named the transect line “Taufik” because a few days ago, Taufik, one of the technicians from Nyaru Menteng got lost while he was monitoring Tantri and Tarzan. To avoid a similar incident, the monitoring team had decided to make an additional transect route and named it appropriately: Taufik.

Our Transect System Map was made and drawn manually on an old sack. In the forest, following the principle of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” is simply our only option.

Vet Agus, Anna Marzec, Taufik and Cagar (one of our new recruits from Tumbang Tohan) were resting after tagging the trees for phenology purposes.

Two fruits eaten by orangutans, found when the monitoring team was following Tantri. (right: Lauraceae family)

Simon J Husson gave an explanation on how to use the radio transmitter to the team who just joined.

The embryo of the Transect System.

Hendra W, tagging a tree for phenology purposes.

More updates will be on the blog. Don’t miss it!


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