Let’s Meet the 2nd Release Team: Hermansyah


Communications Officer BOSF-Nyaru Menteng


Hermansyah was born in Tangkiling in 1990 and was once a member of BOS Friends, an association formed by the BOS Foundation Communications Division for the youth as an early introduction and education to the orangutan and environmental conservation.

In February 2009, he joined BOS Foundation as a staff member with our Communication and Education Division.  Having gained so much experience and information during his activities within BOS Friends, Herman is able to explain and share various information regarding orangutan conservation to our visitors and school groups.  We hope Herman goes from strength to strength in spreading the importance of orangutan and habitat conservation in Indonesia to secure their long-term protection for future generations.

In the second release operation that will be conducted on March 31st, Herman and Indrayana are responsible for taking photos and video of the whole release process, from the preparation to the ‘d’ day. He hopes that the preservation of orangutan and its habitat can be achieved and that peoples awareness to environmental issues increases.


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