Release Photo Updates!

We have finally received several new photos from the Release Team and the Monitoring Teams. Here they are!

Prior to the releases the field team, led by Ahmat, had already carefully selected release points for all the orangutans

Then, here is Komeng and Ika’s first taste of freedom. Komeng very slowly and graciously exited his travel cage completely relaxed and unrushed. He headed for the first tree, slowly climbed up and spent a few minutes staring at us as if he had never been out of the forest, before heading up higher in the canopy and off into the forest.

Komeng very slowly and graciously exited his travel cage completely relaxed and unrushed.

Komeng slowly climbing up a tree

And we met Komeng again on the first day of monitoring!

Ika shot out of her cage like a bullet and immediately climbed a tree and started throwing small leaves and twigs at us in a very half hearted manner – but clearly she was delighted to finally be out of a cage and finally back in the forest.

Ika was clearly delighted to be back in the forest!

Heldy, on the other hand, was not so sure that he was free. After the cage was opened, he just sat in his cage for a few seconds, carefully stuck his head out to see where he was, then finally got out and ran to a tree.

Heldy didn't get out of his cage right away. He carefully stuck out his head first and checked everythig out as if asking, "Where am I? Is this for real?"

As soon as he realized that he was in a real forest, then he ran out quickly and immediately climbed the nearest tree

Heldy playing high up in the trees

We also managed to capture Yaya – our sweet 9½ year-old female orangutan – before she got out of her cage! As the photo shows, our cameraman James was in the right place at the right time. We will have video updates from James very soon.

Cage door is opened for Yaya

Jojo’s turn now. Jojo is one of the youngest orangutans in this group. He is now 8-9 years old. But he did not hesitate at all. As soon as the cage door was opened, he grabbed a liana and swung away.

Even though Jojo is one of the youngest orangutans in this group, he is probably also one of the bravest!

Bang Jagur also enjoyed his first day of freedom. Just like Ika, Bang Jagur was very quick. Door opened and he was gone! Playing among the trees, this is the best shot we got.

Bang Jagur was very, very quick. Door opened and next thing we know, he was way up in the canopy.

It truly is amazing to witness and be part of taking these orangutans back to the forest. Our staff have known and cared for these orangutans for years so to see them finally back where they should be is such a gift to us all. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!


11 thoughts on “Release Photo Updates!

  1. Thank you for the update – the pics are wonderful – so many happy faces.
    Once again, congratulations to all concerned.


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