Monitoring Update: Mama Tata, Tata, Tarzan & Tantri

Over the weekend our field team checked in with us to keep us updated on all our orangutans. Monitoring on a daily basis continues and the most recent news is that presently Mama Tata and Tata have gone their separate ways, at least for now. After many years together, Tata is old enough to be on his own and has obviously taken the opportunity to investigate the forest for himself. Our technicians and vets reported that for many years Mama Tata has carefully looked after her son, even cleaning up after him! Apparently Tata is like many teenagers and was very untidy, leaving his food waste in the enclosure – Mama Tata on the other hand would make sure she cleaned up after him and kept their enclosure clean and waste free. Now in the forest, both Mama Tata and Tata don’t have to worry about tidying up!

Tarzan has moved back into the area of his original release and having chased off Ompong (who we think has travelled north), spent most of Friday long-calling every 30 minutes to make sure everyone is clearly aware that he is around and in charge. Most of the males have taken this message on board and travelled further away from their points of release. We’ll keep you updated on Tarzan’s position, but we are delighted he is back after travelling and looking very healthy!

The other good news is that Tantri is back. After a few weeks of travelling, we have picked up her signal again and the team will try to get a visual of her to gauge her physical condition and make sure she too is doing well in the forest.

More news soon!


5 thoughts on “Monitoring Update: Mama Tata, Tata, Tarzan & Tantri

  1. Thank you so much for this blog! I have recently begun following the release stories on this website. And it’s so good to know the whereabouts of the released individuals.

    (For I always fear that their new homes might be seized for palm oil or some other development. I feel that the released orangutans are much safer with Nyaru Menteng field team’s constant monitoring).–If the land where the orangutans are released is seized for development, will your team be able to rescue the orangutans? [because you know their locations from the long-term monitoring] I hope that never happens and the orangutans are truly safe in their new homes for many decades and centuries!

    Thank you field team and the rest of Nyaru Menteng for all your hard work and dedication to the wonderful orangutans’ cause. Best wishes for all the orangutans and to all of you!

    • We only do the releases when there is a certainty of the status and the future of the lands. means that the lands are not plotting for any others developments. Before it happen, we will look for support that the development won’t be happen. If it is happen, we able to do the rescue.

      Thank you for your support 😀

      • Thank you for answering my question. Hope the land will not be developed for a long time and can be a safe home for the orangutans.

        Have any orangutans been affected by the earthquake?

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