Between the Satellite Phone Problems and the Romance of Jojo and Ika

Despite problems with the satellite phone (which we hope we have now solved), our team checked in to update us on their monitoring progress.  Our teams are in the forest from dawn till dusk tracking the orangutans and what we are finding is that the orangutans do not want to see us!  This is a very good thing as we want them to steer clear of humans; so far all the individuals we have seen are doing really well – healthy and happy.   Jojo and Ika have formed an intimate relationship, and Tarzan and Astrid have also spent a good deal of time together.  Monic stayed a little further away from Tarzan and Astrid during their courtship but joined them in the evening.  Ompong, Komeng and Bang Jagur have very sensibly travelled away from the transect system and away from Tarzan.  We’ll continue to monitor their movements.


We hope that we have successfully resolved the satphone problems and we’ll have more regular updates but if anyone can donate a satphone which has email and texting facilities (or any other support) that would be wonderful!   Full-time monitoring of the orangutans is costly and any support you can send us will be greatly appreciated!  If you can donate gifts in kind or funds, please do contact us at  – your donation will go a long way in supporting our field costs!



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