Tarzan, the Real King of the Jungle!

Preparation of Monitoring Team

Monitoring Coordinator, Anna Marzec has been keeping in contact with our Program Manager Anton Nurcahyo with more daily news on our 15 orangutans in Batikap.

The team have collected follow data on Tarzan and Astrid for several days, and both are doing extremely well; looking very healthy and feeding on a abundance of rattan fruits and young shoots, ficus bark and ants.  Monic, still friends with Astrid, is also on the scene and looking very well, but gradually appearing to become more independent and is spending periods of time away from Astrid. Tarzan has been spending his days following Astrid and Monic.  More romance in store for those guys perhaps!

The monitoring team have also recently recorded  signals for Mama Tata, Tata, Jojo, Yaya, Heldy, Komeng and also Tantri!  Although the team attempt to obtain direct observations on each individual orangutan to assess relative health, Tantri, Komeng, Jojo and Heldy have not been very happy to see our team – in those cases our team respectfully keep some distance from them.

Monitoring the Orangutans

Bang Jagur and Ompong have clearly moved far away following Tarzan’s return on the scene and his debut of making it quite clear who, for the time being, is “king of the jungle”.  Tarzan certainly is living up to his name! The team have been working hard on locating Bang Jagur and Ompong’s position but adult males are well known for ranging extremely widely and over long periods of time. The next months and in fact years of monitoring will be fascinating for us all to follow the lives, trials and tribulations of these amazing orangutans.


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