The Batikap Couple – Tarzan and Monic

The Post Release Monitoring Team at Bukit Batikap seems to keep running into Tarzan and Monic. The two have sort of become an inseparable couple. Well, for now at least. They travel close together, doing everything they’re supposed to be doing as wild orangutans – which are swinging merrily in the trees and… eating!

Tarzan is living up to his name as king of the jungle.

In a healthy forest, there are over 400 types of food that an orangutan can eat. And insect foraging (termites, ants, crickets, etc.) comprises 4-14% of orangutan’s typical activities in the forest, including Monic’s. She obviously thinks termites are delicious!

Monic, enjoying delicious termites.

Primarily frugivorous, orangutan’s diet consists mainly of fruits. But they also eat barks and leaves (and insects, just like Monic demonstrates above). Fresh young leaves are Tarzan’s favorites.

Fresh young leaves for Tarzan’s lunch.

Another typical type of orangutan food is called umbut in Indonesian. Umbut is the base of palm shoots on the tip of a palm that is still young and tender. Tarzan loves eating umbut, too.

Tarzan also loves nibbling on umbut.

Tarzan and Monic send their warmest greetings to all of you. And the Post Release Monitoring Team is back at work monitoring Tarzan, Monic and the rest of their friends. We shall wait for their next update from Batikap!


2 thoughts on “The Batikap Couple – Tarzan and Monic

  1. It’s great news to hear that Tarzan and Monic have formed a close bond! Hopefully, they will start a family soon!! Stay healthy, safe, and eat lots of yummy food, Tarzan & Monic!

    Hope all the Orangutans remain safe, happy, and healthy in their new home:)

  2. Thank you for the photos and updates. What good news that Tarzan and Monic are staying together. Hope you will have news of the others as well. I so want them to be safe and happy in their freedom

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