Yaya, Heldy, Tarzan and the Gang

Bukit Batikap, June 7, 2012

Good news from Pau and the field team! Although our fulltime monitoring team have been able to pick up daily signals for our released orangutans when in range, most of the released orangutans clearly do not want to see or been seen by our monitoring team, and they have excellent tactics to avoid observations. This is good news as we want the orangutans to avoid humans, however it makes monitoring challenging as we have to see them in order to gauge their relative physical health and adaptation. Yaya is one of our orangutans who is particularly good at avoiding humans and after quite some time, we finally had news of two short observations and Yaya looks great!

Other orangutan news!

Heldy has also been followed for 5 days and we have managed to collect some rigorous data on his feeding behaviour – he too is doing really well. Ika was seen yesterday and followed  around transects Lone and Martin.

Obviously, Heldy is doing really well and having a good time!

Monic and Tarzan are still near camp and signals from Tantri and Komeng were picked up from Bukit Simon although Komeng seems to be on the other side of Gunung Ahmat. If Komeng has any sense he will stay out of Tarzan’s way!

After neatly constructing a roof over his nest for a rainy night, Tarzan is turning in for a good night sleep.

Everyone at camp is healthy and happy and waiting for new supplies to arrive. Also we have begun to receive the materials to construct our main camp so it’s an exciting time for all.  We hope in the next few months our team will be much more comfy with the new facilities we are developing.

We still need support, funds, gifts in kind to support
our Post Release Monitoring Team.
If you can help please contact us at bosfundraising@orangutan.or.id


One thought on “Yaya, Heldy, Tarzan and the Gang

  1. Thank you to all members of the monitoring and field team for continuing to care for the Orangutans (from a distance).

    Best wishes to you all in building your main camp.

    And last but not least:

    Best wishes to all the Orangutans for many, many more safe, happy, and healthy days in their new forest home!!!

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