Bang Jagur and Komeng are Back in Range!

Bukit Batikap, June 14, 2012

Adul and Pak Sangai radio-tracking the orangutans

Anna Marzec called in last night from our camp in Bukit Batikap with a few updates we wanted to share with you. Monitoring continues on a daily basis despite the elements!

On the 8th and 9th June, Ika was directly observed, long calls from Tarzan were logged and signals from Monic recorded on the 8th and for Astrid on the 9th. On the 10th June the team gathered observation data on Tarzan, Astrid and Mama Tata.

Mama Tata is slowly beginning to accept observers and the team is very respectful of her wanting to maintain her privacy.

Monic found some delicious forest fruits

Yesterday was a great day with signals recorded for Tantri, Heldy, Monic and also, very excitingly, Bang Jagur and Komeng! We haven’t recorded signals for them, especially Bang Jagur, for a few weeks. So we are very excited that he is back in range. Although we regret that we don’t have Bang Jagur’s and Komeng’s photos to share with you yet. Hopefully Anna will bring some next time she returns to our office in Nyaru Menteng.

Heldy, taking a rest under the shades

The team will try to obtain direct observations of the two boys (Bang Jagur and Komeng) but are also focusing on obtaining observational data on Mama Tata. Look forward to updating you soon!


3 thoughts on “Bang Jagur and Komeng are Back in Range!

  1. Great to hear that contact has been made!It’s fantastic that the Orangutans are adapting to their lives & living how they should,in their natural enviroment.Congratulations to you all for helping them back to their forests.

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