Great News of Ompong and Kali!

Bukit Batikap, June 23, 2012

Our Post Release Monitoring Coordinator, Anna Marzec, has just reported back from Bukit Batikap with some exciting news. After months of not being able to pick up signals for Ompong and Kali, our team finally detected their signals from around Simon Hill! Ompong was approximately 3-4 kilometers southwest of our monitoring camp and Kali was 3-4 kilometers north of camp. We’re very happy to learn that they’re alive and well!

Ompong (photo taken  by Anna Marzec before the team lost his signals)

Last Sunday, Monic was seen foraging close to camp, while Tarzan was spotted near a transect line, 7.2 kilometers from camp. The team also observed Astrid and Ika. Almost everyday, our team manages to collect samples of fruits eaten by the orangutans. They have obviously eaten well and look very healthy.

And on June 27, our Scientific Advisor, Simon Husson also reported that the team has actually SEEN Kali, and she looks well. So great news!

One thought on “Great News of Ompong and Kali!

  1. Great news about Omkong and Kali! To Omkong, Kali, and all the other Orangutans:

    Take good care of yourselves; eat lots of yummy food; and do not venture too far out into dangerous areas/beyond the natural borders!

    I love all of you Orangutans and can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!!!

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