08/08: The Lucky 8 on Their Way Home!

The D-day has finally arrived! It is the lucky number 8. On the 8th day of the 8th month, 8 orangutans are returning to their rightful home in the forest!

The team at Nyaru Menteng had been awake since the crack of dawn, busy preparing and checking last minute details. The release process of Sumbing, Sempung, Jessica, Maradona, Abam, Onceng, Mama Ebol and Ebol was finally underway. At the time of this update, they have just arrived at Puruk Cahu. The first leg of their journey home has completed successfully!

Here are a few photo updates of the activities since this morning.

Nyaru Menteng special quarantine enclosures for the release candidates

The Medical Team’s preparation to sedate the 8 orangutans

The process of sedation using blow darts

Onceng, fast asleep shortly after being sedated

The Release Team, getting ready to move Maradona

Moving Sumbing into the transport cage

Suri our technician, locking the transport cages

Our Senior Advisor, Jacqui, doing the final checks

Loading the transport cages onto truck and car

Team departure from Nyaru Menteng to Tjilik Riwut Airpot in Palangka Raya

The Team arrived at Tjilik Riwut Airport in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan

The chartered airplane belonging to Pelita Airlines arrived at the airport at 9am

Getting ready to load the cages onto the airplane

Loading the cages onto the airplane

Inside the airplane, moments before take off

Unloading the cages at Puruk Cahu Airport

The airplane took off on time at 10 am. The flight lasted approximately one hour. And as veterinarian Meryl Yemima reported via Twitter just now, the airplane landed safely at Puruk Cahu Airport at 11am. The Team from Nyaru Menteng joined the waiting Team in Puruk Cahu and they have just started to unload the airplane.

From Puruk Cahu Airport, the lucky 8 will be transported to their transit enclosures at IMK (PT. Indo Muro Kencana). IMK has been supporting us since the first release, providing us with a secured area to build our transit enclosures where the orangutans can rest before continuing the journey to Batikap the next morning.

We will wait for further updates of this process – the process of transporting the orangutans and moving them into transit cages – from the Team in Puruk Cahu. They will also be thoroughly checked to ensure that they are all healthy and in good condition. The Team will monitor them around the clock in preparation for tomorrow’s final journey. We will report back to you later today, or follow us on Twitter (@bornean_ou) for live updates (signal permitting) from the Team!


3 thoughts on “08/08: The Lucky 8 on Their Way Home!

  1. To everyone involved in this effort:

    Thank you so much for bringing these lovely 8 Orangutans to their rightful homes!!!!!!!!

    I pray that all goes perfect on this journey and that these 8 babies love & flourish in their new homes! {:(|)}

  2. What wonderful dreams these lucky apes will have as they travel!When they wake up they will see their dreams are coming true!This is a fantastic journey,thank you so much for giving these lovely ‘people of the forest’ a new start back where they belong!So Happy!:D

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