The Lucky 8 Settled in at Puruk Cahu


Our Senior Advisor Jacqui Sunderland-Groves reported that as of 12.30 pm all orangutans were safely transferred into their overnight transit enclosures. Vet Meryl Yemima confirms that all orangutans have all eaten and drank and have settled in well.

Sempung, Sumbing and Maradona were the first ones to be let out of their travel cages and into their overnight transit enclosures. These male adult orangutans are very big. The technicians struggled a bit. These cages together with the orangutans can weigh over 160kg each! Finally, they all settled in their individual enclosures.

Sempung entering the transit enclosure

This cage together with Sumbing inside it weighs 160 kg!

Sumbing coming out of his travel cage

Sumbing seemed quite hungry. As soon as he entered the enclosure, he ate the pineapples that had been put there by technicians before he arrived. Maradona, however, still looked a bit bored. He must be really anxious to be free in the forest! The younger orangutans, though, went straight to play, swinging happily inside each of their enclosures. Maybe they were practicing and preparing themselves to swing in the forest.

Maradona settled in his transit enclosure

The team are now busy making final preparations for tomorrow. As we write, travel cages are all being cleaned  to ensure they are ready to go early tomorrow morning.

Cleaning and preparing the travel cages for tomorrow’s final journey

We bid you good evening for now. And we will update you again tomorrow. Keep reading! And don’t forget to follow our timeline on Twitter (@bornean_ou) and/or “like” our Facebook fan page (


One thought on “The Lucky 8 Settled in at Puruk Cahu

  1. Sleep tight tonight you lovely Orangutans!Tomorrow is the start of your fabulous new life!Don’t forget to stay in touch,we want to know you are safe & having lots of fun,exploring your wonderful forest!! 😀

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