It’s All Happening in Batikap!

Update from Batikap: Kali shows up, is Astrid pregnant, and Ompong and Bang Jagur back in range!

Over the past couple of weeks the team in Batikap has recorded signals for orangutans, which haven’t been picked up for a while. It’s very exciting to have some updated knowledge on where these individual orangutans currently are and clearly they have been exploring the forest and traveling significant distances.

Kali’s signal was picked up for the first time in months however she is still quite far to the southwest of Bukit Simon (Simon’s Hill). A team was sent to look for Kali and obtain a direct observation, however were unable to traverse the habitat which she seems to have installed herself in – these orangutans are very good at evading humans. The team also picked up signals of Mama Ebol, but yet again she was still far, possibly close to Kali in the same direction.

Is Astrid pregnant? (photo by: Purnomo)

Astrid, Heldy, Tantri and Ika were observed recently as well. They are eating a variety of fruits, plants, invertebrates as well as fungi. There is an abundance of different species in the forest of all food types. At the moment it is Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum)season and some of the orangutans, especially Tarzan, are indulging themselves for hours in the trees as reported in our earlier blog update. In addition there is a possibility that Astrid may be pregnant as well. Tarzan, Astrid and Monic were inseparable for long periods during the first few months of their release so it is possible that if Astrid is indeed pregnant, Tarzan may be the father. As with Monic, we will have to wait and see, but will be sure to keep you updated!

Ika eating leaves (photo by: Mumum)

More exciting news as we were also able to pick up Ompong’s signal who we have not been able to locate since April. Adult males are known to range significant distances and often disappear for months. But it is great to have him back in range. Also signals for Yaya and Bang Jagur have been recorded, which is wonderful news; those two also have taken the opportunity to thoroughly investigate their new home. Jojo has also moved closer to his original release point and the team picked up his signal at Gunung Ahmat.


One thought on “It’s All Happening in Batikap!

  1. It is great that signals have been picked up for so many of the released Orangutans.Would Kali & Mama Ebol have become friends whilst travelling deep in the forest?I’m a little sad that Ebol is not nearby but it is good that she has got the confidence to leave Mums side & venture into the forest alone.I hope she has made some friends though!For Astrid,Heldy,Tantri & Ika-they are making the most of all the forest foods on offer!Its lovely there is such a variety for them to enjoy!Tarzan obviously enjoys the Rambutan fruit-i recognise that as one of the fruits that is offered in the rescue centres-is it very common?Do humans eat it too?If Astrid is pregnant will you be able to confirm that Tarzan is the father?Also if Monic is pregnant by Tarzan could that create problems in the future with both siblings living in close proximety of each other?It seems that most of the Orangutans wanted to say hello-just to let you know they were safe.Ompong has been away for such a long time,Yaya & Bang Jagur also out of range for a while too!Thanks for getting in touch-even though you remain hidden!Why would Jojo return close to release point?Is that just coincidence or is he feeling anxious about being in the forest?I am so pleased that everyone is enjoying their lives back home in their forest!Stay in touch you lovely bunch of Apes!:D

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