[RELEASE CANDIDATES!] Gusti, Iyos, Kopi, Giant

Here are four more candidates’ profiles!

5. Gusti

2006 was a busy period for the BOS Foundation as it was the year when many oil palm companies aggressively converted so much forested lands in Central Kalimantan into plantations. Orangutans as well as other forest animals lost their home and many did not survive. In an 8-day operation in the border of Sampit and Pangkalan Bun, East Kotawaringin Regency, the Nyaru Menteng Rescue Team saved 12 orangutans. One of which was a 3.5 – 4 year-old male orangutan named Gusti. Along with the other rescued orangutans, Gusti was taken to the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center on July 26, 2006 for intensive care.

Six years later, 10 year-old Gusti has flourished into a very active and playful orangutan. He has gorgeous thick hair and strong, stout body at 30.6 kg. Gusti also has a distinctive voice. The technicians easily recognize him just by hearing the sound of his calls. Gusti will soon be able to make his distinctive vocalizations known by other orangutans in his new rightful home as he is joining them in the conservation forest of Bukit Batikap!

6. Iyos

A 4 year-old female orangutan was confiscated by the Central Kalimantan Conservation and Natural Resources Authority from a resident of Palangka Raya who had kept her as a pet for 6 months.

Named Iyos, the orangutan was fortunately healthy and showed no sign of fondness or attachment to humans. In other words, she was still wild. However, because of her young age, she could not be directly relocated and released in a forest. Thus she entered Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center on October 16, 2009.

Iyos sports strikingly beautiful thick dark hair. She is an agile and quite temperamental orangutan. And now at 7 years old and 23.6 kg, she is finally ready to be released. Iyos is going home!

7. Kopi

The Central Kalimantan Conservation and Natural Resources Authority confiscated Kopi from a resident of Tumbang Koling Village in East Kotawaringin Regency. The owner had only kept this female baby orangutan for nine days. Dark-haired Kopi was then around 3 – 4 years old and clearly still possessed her wild nature.

Arriving at Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center on May 1, 2008, Kopi proves to be a handful to manage. Just like a normal wild orangutan, she is active and does not like to be around humans. In fact, she successfully managed to break free from her enclosure in 2010 and for the next 13 months wandered around in the surrounding forest. We were finally able to re-sedate her again in May 2011, as we were obviously concerned that she would wander into a dangerous situation. She was healthy and obviously had no problem striving in the forest. Therefore, now at 10 years old weighing 27.3 kg, it is only fair that Kopi gets her turn to roam as much as her heart desires in her real home in the forest!

8. Giant

Confiscated by the government in the town of Sampit, East Kotawaringin Regency, Giant was approximately 4 – 4.5 years old. The Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center was then informed by the Central Kalimantan Conservation and Natural Resources Authority and we immediately formed a Rescue Team to pick up Giant. We took this male orangutan to Nyaru Menteng on September 16, 2007.

Living in Nyaru Menteng for the past five years, Giant has never lost his wild demeanor. He is unpredictable and is easily irritated by humans as well as other orangutans. Weighing 38.9 kg, his stocky physique naturally intimidates other orangutans and thus Giant often easily takes their food! It is apparent that 10 year-old Giant is more than ready to return to the forest. And so he will. Giant is now preparing to take his final trip home to where he belongs.


2 thoughts on “[RELEASE CANDIDATES!] Gusti, Iyos, Kopi, Giant

  1. These lucky four look more than ready for their new beginning in the forest!Gusti is such a handsome boy who has such soulful eyes as well as his soulful voice!I am sure he will soon woo the ladies!Iyos is a typical ‘wild-child’!A beautiful girl with lovely eyes & lushious locks,her fiesty nature will keep her safe in the forest I’m sure!Oh Kopi you sound a real handful-you don’t like us humans much which is just how it should be-that will keep you safe too!You are obviously very clever,escaping for 13 months-I can see there may be problems keeping track of you!Finally the unpredictable Giant!Wow you really are a giant-I can’t imagine anyone will want to mess with you!A real King of the Forest!Won’t be long guys before you are free to live in your forest!Good luck all of you lucky Orangutans!;D

  2. So glad to see the post and know that there are still many party that care to our forest and the wild-life animal. Keep going BOSF Indonesia!

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