[RELEASE CANDIDATES!] Forest School Graduates: Menteng, Jamiat, Terusan


The next 13 candidates are Nyaru Menteng’s first-ever FOREST SCHOOL GRADUATES (rehabilitants) to be released in the wild!

Today, we’ll start sharing with you the profiles of our first THREE rehabilitants: Menteng, Jamiat and Terusan. But before you continue reading, let’s learn the difference between “Semi-wild” and “Rehabilitants”.


Semi-wild are orangutans who still retained their true nature at the time of rescue and have consistently showed that they have learned adequate forest skills.


Rehabilitants are orangutans who were rescued at a very young age and/or had been kept by humans as pets. These orangutans did not have or had lost most of the necessary skills to survive independently in the forest and thus must go through an intensive rehabilitation process (Forest School as well as the final pre-release stage on an island), which can take up to 7 years on average.



9. Menteng

Reported by the Central Kalimantan District Police in Tangkiling Village in Bukit Batu Regency, a male orangutan was immediately confiscated from a villager who had kept him for a while. He was then taken to Nyaru Menteng on March 15, 2001 at the age of approximately 3.5 – 4 years old and named Menteng.

After he passed Forest School at the age of 7, Menteng soon earned his place in one of Nyaru Menteng pre-release islands, Kaja Island, where he flourished into a self-confident and slightly aggressive male; despite his young age, he even stands up to other older males on the island. Weighing 57.3 kg, the 15 year-old is quite dashing with his oval face and bright-colored hair. However, he seldom gathers with female orangutans. Menteng has a special ability, too. He can dive and swim in the shallow part of the river and spends long periods of time sitting in the river to cool off during the hottest part of the day.

10. Jamiat

On April 18, 2001, a group of students in Ketapang, West Kalimantan boarded a floatplane with several ex-captive orangutans, in search of treatment for them at Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Reintroduction Center. One of these orangutans was a 5.5 – 6 year-old male, named Jamiat. Initially, there was doubt regarding his sub-species, considering Jamiat was found in West Kalimantan. However, genetic test results confirmed that he is indeed a Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii, or a Bornean orangutan from Central Kalimantan.

Jamiat soon joined Forest School and after graduating, he advanced to Kaja Island, a pre-release island in Nyaru Menteng. Jamiat is now a young adult of 17 years old, weighing 45.2 kg. He has a long black face and dark long hair, giving him a debonair look. He is one of the lowest ranking males on the island and this is also reflected in his size and slow development of his cheek-pads. Living on Kaja Island has allowed him to further develop his natural instincts and wild behavior and he constantly displays his ability to find a variety of food sources. He has a healthy fear of humans and often produces kiss-squeak sounds (produced by pursing lips) when approached, indicating that he is not happy to see his territory invaded. After 11 years of rehabilitation at Nyaru Menteng, Jamiat is finally going home to the forest!

11. Terusan

There have been a lot of babies who were born in Kaja Island. One of them is Terusan. This male orangutan was born on August 19, 2004. The name “Terusan” was given because he was spotted for the first time near the Terusan River with his mother, Dagoy. Terusan still sees his mother everyday but he also loves to play with his siblings and friends.

After more than 8 years of living his life on Kaja Island as a free orangutan and learning all he needs to be able to survive in a forest, this active orangutan with long thick red dark hair and round face, weighing 29.2 kg, should thrive in the wild.


4 thoughts on “[RELEASE CANDIDATES!] Forest School Graduates: Menteng, Jamiat, Terusan

  1. Another group of lovely Orangutans ready for release-What a handsome bunch they are!Menteng is a suave character ,confident,self sufficient.He will be more than capable of looking after himself!It is interesting to read that he swims too-this isn’t usual for Orangutans is it?I thought they were unable to swim-but I am sure there isn’t much an Orangutan can’t do!They are so clever!Jamiat sounds like he is a bit of a loner,its good to see he doesn’t like human contact & shows his wild side when necessary.Don’t think he will ever starve though-he seems to have natural ability to find something to eat!Then there’s the baby of this group-sweet Terusan,born free,remains free,what an achievement!!He has the whole of his life in front of him with nothing but happy memories of his previous life.This is so good to know!!Thank you for todays lovely Orangutans,looking forward to reading more tomorrow!:D

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