Final Preparations for Orangutan Release!

Today is another busy day at Nyaru Menteng as the team makes the final preparations for tomorrow’s transportation of 21 orangutans from Nyaru Menteng to our transit enclosures at IMK in Puruk Cahu by fixed wing aircraft. This is the first leg of the journey and fine planning and detailed logistics are needed to ensure all goes smoothly.

Cleaning the transit enclosures in the areal of PT Indo Mura Kencana, Puruk Cahu

Travel cages ready to move to the Quarantine Enclosure

The travel enclosures are all ready to go and will be moved to our new quarantine facility in anticipation of tomorrow’s transport. Orangutan food, water,  emergency medical supplies and camp logistics have been prepared and weather conditions closely monitored to anticipate any last minute delays which do occur in particularly bad weather.

Preparing mounts for fitting GoPro cameras to travel cages

Nyaru Menteng Head Vet Agus Fahroni preparing anesthesia equipment for tomorrow

In the meantime there is still a huge amount of work to do in Nyaru Menteng itself and the teams are also busy conducting their daily routines.  Not including the 21 orangutans preparing to go to the field, we still have hundreds of orangutans to care for within our facilities at Nyaru Menteng.  Ninety young orangutan students headed out to Forest School at 7 am this morning and cleaning, feeding and health care is part of daily life.

Although we are busy with the release, our regular rehabilitation activities are still ongoing

Transport cages loaded onto a truck and taken to the Quarantine Facility

The team in Nyaru Menteng is in continuous contact with our field team in Batikap and final checks of the pre-identified release points, team positions, boats and other logistics needed to ensure safe arrival and release for our teams and the orangutans in place.

4 thoughts on “Final Preparations for Orangutan Release!

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  2. I’m touched by all of your efforts to free the Orangutans!
    Thanks a lot! It means a lot to all!
    Would like to say hi n tqvm to Anton, Agus and my regards to Meryl

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