The First Group of The Release Team Journeys Home

After successfully transporting 21 orangutans back to their home, it’s now time for the some of the release team to go home too to commence planning for the next releases!  The rest of the team will continue monitoring the oranguans behavior over the coming weeks and months.  On 4 November 2012, 6 of our team together with the Danish film crew started their return journey from Batikap to Nyaru Menteng overland.

The team stopped here to meet with our Comm Dev team and chat to the community members

Team stopped here to meet with our Comm Dev team and chat to the community members.

After 2-3 hours traveling by boat from Batikap, the team stopped at Tumbang Tohan village where they met our Community Development team and chatted to some of the community members.   One of our team, Indrayana, stayed in Tumbang Tohan to join work there and the rest continued on.

From Tumbang Tohan to Camp B the journey continued again by boat, which takes around 3 hours.

The next part was by road from Camp B to Batu Ampar:

Its good to help people as sometimes we too need help!

Program Manager Anton, expert technicians; Toni, Muliyono, botanist Kursani and Jacqui traveled back with a couple of people they picked up whose car had broken down. Its good to help people as sometimes we too need help!

The views along the road between Camp B and Batu Ampar are stunning.

From Batu Ampar, the team again took a boat which delivered them to the overnight accommodation.

Night draws in and Muliyono and Toni take a break.

A storm set in as the team made their way to their accommodation – a small floating inn. Unfortunately there were no rooms left so, adaptable as ever, the team slept on the floor in the cafe area! But it was great and the team were able to have a well deserved rest.

Very comfy accommodation and very kind of the manager to let the team bunk down in the café area!

Early the next morning the team woke at 4 and organized their bags to catch the 5 am boat to the next part of the journey.

Anton and Klaus from the Danish film crew

The next part of the route was by road some of which was very muddy and slippery causing several trucks and non-4 wheel drive vehicles to get stuck in the middle of the road.

Thankfully, team’s cars were on hand to help pull a few out of the mud and everyone was able to continue on their journeys.

Next stop a ferry!  Fortunately a caterpillar is on standby to level the loading point.

At last around 17:40 the first group from the release team arrived at Nyaru Menteng Palangka Raya safely.

Welcome back in Nyaru Menteng, congratulations for successfully releasing 21 orangutans, have a nice sleep and rest.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the monitoring teams results during this very exciting time!


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