The Newly Released Adjusting to Life in the Forest



Menteng has managed to cross the river to the other pebble beach; he has obviously moved south and found a crossing place, then back up to the north again to the area of his release, but this time the other side of the river.  The team are not following him as want him to investigate his new home and not focus on them.  For now though he is just sticking to the river edges and not venturing far into the forest – he is obviously taking some time to adapt.  They did see him eat a wasps nest the other day and getting stung by wasps which didn’t seem to bother him too much.

The females (Leonora, Emen, Sif, Gadis) are doing really well and very quickly adapting to become wild orangutans.  Leonora is staying in the trees and not the ground (as first feared) which is great.  They are not showing any signs of wanting to be close to humans. Astrid had also managed to meet up with these females and hopefully is getting some tips on baby care as we still believe that she is pregnant.

The team will leave the girls alone for a while now so they can continue their activities in peace.  The team haven’t focused on Gadis as she was clearly not happy with human presence the first morning we saw her and was doing very well.  They will be looking to check progress and collect data on Chanel and Terusan over the next couple of days.

Ebol is doing well and Tarzan also has been observed and is in good health. Menawhile, at Camp Monnu, the team saw Mangkutub who is fine and was kiss-squeaking at them.  Kopi appears to have joined up with Abam (from the 3rd release).


2 thoughts on “The Newly Released Adjusting to Life in the Forest

  1. It is so great to hear that Leonora, Emen, Sif, Gadis, and Menteng, and the other released Orangutans are adjusting well to their new lives of freedom in the forests! And Menteng has already crossed the river and tried a wasp nest (woohoo, you’re a brave boy Menteng!)!

    It’s also heartwarming to hear that the mamas and their babies are adjusting well! It’s great that Astrid has met the mom and babies. I really, reeeaaaalllly hope Astrid is pregnant! And if so, I pray that Astrid will have a safe, healthy, and successful pregnancy and safely and successfully give birth! And, of course, that both Astrid and her baby will continue to live long, happy, healthy, and safe lives!!

    Thank you to the monitoring team for keeping us posted on these wonderful orangutans’ adventures! Can’t wait to read upcoming posts!

  2. How well everyone seems to have settled into their new home!Menteng seems a little apprehensive about venturing too deep into the forest but he has managed to cross the river and travel a good distance.I think he is adjusting well to this new enviroment but I am amazed that he tucked into a wasps nest!Is this a favourite for Orangutans?Quite a dangerous delicacy!So glad all the ladies have formed a friendly group-keeping safe in the trees,adapting well to their new home.Astrid has made herself welcome,she must be delighted she has some new girlies she can share her pregnancy with.So glad Ebol is doing well,has proved to be very independent after being with mum for all her previous life.Nice that the King of the Jungle Tarzan is keeping well-wonder if he will retain his title?!Mangutub is obviously relishing his wild life ‘kiss squeaking” at intruders of his space.Also good to see Kopi making friends with Abam.Nice that the earlier residents are making the new arrivals feel very welcome!Keep in touch you lovely lot,hope you all become very close friends.Take care,stay safe!:oD

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