New Ladies Doing Great at Their New Home

Leonora and her baby boy, Lamar

Yesterday (19/11) and today (20/11) our teams followed some of our rehabilitated females Emen, Leonora, Chanel and Gadis. All four females and their infants were travelling around, finding food and generally ignoring our observer presence. The transition of Leonora from a tame orangutan that could be led into her cage, into a wild orangutan moving through the canopy finding wild fruit, is truly remarkable. Although she occasionally comes to the ground, sometimes making eye contact or moving a small distance towards people, she generally ignores us, has had no physical contact with people since the day of release (now 18 days ago), and has found her own food throughout this time. Long may this continue!

Emen at her new home

Emen seemed to be feeling unwell for a few days, however is now a picture of health again together with her baby Embong. It is very possible that our rehabilitated orangutans sometimes select foods that don’t agree with them and we believe Emen had done just that.

Gadis and Garu

Channel and her son, Charlie

Gadis and Chanel together with their infants are doing great and behaving like wild orangutans should. We believe Sif and Sifa may have crossed the river and that Terusan has travelled a good distance away. Although we continue to pick up Jamiat’s transmitter signal, we haven’t attempted to follow him as he has clearly indicated that he does not want to be near people. Menteng is still staying around the river and was observed yesterday from the boat eating fruit and pith. He may have got a bit of a scare yesterday as Tarzan found him, long-called at him and tried to grab him, however Menteng made a hasty exit.

Asides these orangutans, we have also been following Tarzan, Astrid, Monic, Heldy, Ebol and Ika this month. All are looking and feeding well. Other signals recently picked up include Kali, Mama Tata, Mama Ebol, Paluy, Kopi, Abam, Komeng and Sumbing.

Keep following and sharing our progress!


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