BREAKING NEWS: Congratulations, New Mum Astrid!

The BOS Foundation family joyfully welcomes the first wild-born baby orangutan in Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest and congratulates the proud new Mum, Astrid!

We are delighted to announce that Astrid delivered a beautiful baby this month in the Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest. The news came yesterday from Nyaru Menteng as they received an early report via satellite phone from the Batikap Team, creating much excitement both in Nyaru Menteng and here in the Headquarters in Bogor. Perfect news to welcome the holiday season and give hope for 2013, and a perfect Christmas present from Mother Nature!

Astrid when she was around 7-month pregnant (photo by: Purnomo)

Astrid when she was around 7-month pregnant (photo by: Purnomo)

Although we can’t be 100% sure until later DNA analysis, Tarzan is suspected to be the father. As orangutans also go through an eight-and-a-half-month pregnancy – similar to humans, the baby would have been conceived sometime in late March/April, during which time, as we often reported in many of our previous monitoring updates, Tarzan and Astrid (and also Monic) have formed a very close relationship since their release on February 28, 2012.

Reportedly, Tarzan also acts as a proud new dad, giving Astrid the support that she needs by guarding around her nest at all times! Because Tarzan is always around and Astrid is of course still very sensitive, it is impossible for us to get a closer look at the baby, thus we still can’t confirm whether it’s a boy or a girl. Furthermore, we also don’t want to cause any maternal stress to Astrid and prefer to take things slowly, giving Astrid the space and privacy that she needs.

Tarzan reportedly guards around Astrid's nest at all times! (photo by: Anna Marzec)

Tarzan reportedly guards around Astrid’s nest at all times! (photo by: Anna Marzec)

We will update more about Astrid, Tarzan and their new baby when we know more from the Batikap Team. But this is definitely the best news in 2012. Tears of joy! Join us to celebrate a blessed beginning of life in the wild and welcome Astrid’s new baby with great love into their forest home of Bukit Batikap and into our hearts.

Congratulations, Astrid and Tarzan!


6 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Congratulations, New Mum Astrid!

  1. Welcome to this world, dear little baby angel of Astrid and Tarzan!!!

    Thank you for coming into this world and being a blessing to your mom and dad! You will bring so much happiness and love to your mom, Astrid, and to your dad, Tarzan!

    And far away from your forest home, you give us, your avid followers, hope and inspiration for protecting and fighting for Orangutans!

    I wish all the best to this lovely family of three (newborn, mom Astrid, and dad Tarzan)!!!

    May you three (& all Orangutans) live Safe, Long, Happy, and Healthy lives!!!!!

    To the wonderful field workers, thank you for keeping us posted on this heart-warming birth! Though we can’t wait for more information on the baby, we understand that the Orangutans’ interests always come first, and monitoring must not disturb, alarm, or stress out mother, baby, and father:)

  2. Fantastic news-proof if it was needed that releases do work-Orangutans NEED to live in the forests to enable this precious species to survive.Astrid will make a lovely mum & Tarzan is the typical proud dad!Let’s hope this is the first of many new arrivals from the lucky released Orangutans-looking forward to seeing some pics of the happy family-I’m sure Astrid isn’t too keen at the moment to sell her story so we will just have to wait until she is ready.Take care special apes-we are very proud of you!:o)

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