A Message from Anna

Dear all,

We are delighted to post a message from Anna who has spent the last 13 months volunteering for us in the Bukit Batikap Forest.  Anna has been a wonderful addition to our team and although we are very sad to see her leave us, we are extremely proud that she is going on to do an exciting new PhD project on orangutans.  Anna, it has been a pleasure having you on the team and we too hope you will come back and visit!

Wishing you much luck and best wishes

All at the BOS Foundation

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I have been volunteering for the BOS Foundation working as a monitoring coordinator at the release site in Batikap for a little over a year. For the last thirteen months I have had the pleasure of living in this beautiful, primary forest observing newly released orangutans which is definitely one of the most interesting, challenging and satisfying experiences of my life. I feel privileged that I had the chance to be a part of this project. Working with orangutans and being actively involved in reintroducing them back to the forest was even more than I ever dreamed it could be.

Following Isis on my very last day in the forest. (Photo: Joy Anisa)

Following Isis on my very last day in the forest. (Photo: Joy Anisa)

I very much enjoyed every moment I have spent in Batikap. It was an amazing experience and a great pleasure to be a part of our orangutan’s daily life. I am very happy that I could accompany them not only at the moment of their release, but months after that, observing them exploring the forest and successfully living in their new home. I love all of our orange creatures, but I still have my favorite one which is the most impressive orangutan in Batikap’s forest – Tarzan. I also have a special bond with Mogok and Terusan as I personally opened their cages and released them into the forest. I hope that these three males and all of the other released and born, so far and in the future, orangutans will live long, happy and undisturbed lives. I will surely miss all of them and I very much hope to come back here one day.

I would like to give my sincere thanks to everyone in the BOS Foundation for letting me be a part of this project as well as all of those who helped us (the monitoring team) along the way and made our work possible. I also wish to thank local people from the villages of Tumbang Tohan and Tumbang Naan for their hospitality and help. Without their support this project would not be a success. But special thanks go to all of my team mates who I had an opportunity to work and live with for the past year. It has been a real pleasure and fun to work with a group of very skilled, experienced, enthusiastic, hard working and tough guys: Purnomo, Ali, Joy, Owang, Pri, Pak Johanis, Pak Sangai, Pak Tuwe, Timbung, Lator, all the vets and technicians from Nyaru Menteng and many others who helped in the field over these months. Big thanks to Pau and Melissa the two volunteers who did a great job and helped us a lot. And last but not least thanks to all the orange creatures which made my forest days unforgettable and full of joy. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the ex-caged orangutans free, the ex-rehabs becoming annoyed with our presence and most of all seeing a newly, wild-born orangutan!

I would like to wish BOS Foundation many more successful releases so that all orangutans from Nyaru Menteng can return into the wild. This is a great team effort of many people working in BOS and those supporting Foundation’s efforts. Keep up a great job and good luck for next releases!

Anna Marzec


3 thoughts on “A Message from Anna

  1. Good luck with your Phd Anna-you must have some fantastic memories to keep forever.What a wonderful 13 months you have had.I am extremely envious!All the very best-thank you for helping the wonderful BOS Foundation & all the Orangutans you met & followed!

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