Happy News from Monic!

Summer is coming to Batikap…. And with the summer, Monic arrives!

It looks like Monic knows exactly where she wants to be! In March and the beginning of April the whole team were discussing where Monic may have taken herself off to as she hadn’t been seen during routine monitoring. The team had searched everywhere, and even Joy and Purnomo who are really good at finding the orangutans couldn’t locate her. We knew that she was very far away in the north because we could pick up her signal often. So after some lengthy discussions with the team we began making plans to set out on an expedition to locate her and check her health status and especially her pregnancy.


Monic and her pregnancy -Photo by Purnomo

At the same time, very close to camp, we had a visit from Tarzan. His visits are very obvious thanks to his amazing long calls each day, at least three times per day or more! Some of the long calls are full of vigour and energy, some of them are quiet, melancholic, and maybe looking for company?

Then on the morning of April 16, Monic appeared very close to camp! The team was so happy as it was great to have her back… but she arrived alone. Immediately we followed her together with the veterinarian trying to figure out if she was healthy and still pregnant. Three people from the team spent the day with her, two in the morning and one in the evening, so as not to stress her. In the middle of all this Tarzan’s long calls continued in the distance. It was a good day. And close to the end of the evening, Monic found a nest previously made by Tarzan and she spent the night there, resting probably from her long, long trip which possibly took four days of travel from the north.


We wish Monic and baby a smooth and safe delivery. -Photo by Purnomo

The next day Monic was still resting in the nest late into the morning, and all of us were waiting to see her belly! Yes,  Monic is still pregnant! By the look of her swollen and reddened vulva, our vets predict that she might be due anytime soon! And now she is spending some time with the father of her baby, Tarzan. They are very close to Posu camp, so now we just hope that she doesn’t disappear again. Did Tarzan’s long call bring her back? We don’t know, but we hope that at least he can keep her in the same place until she delivers the baby. We wish Monic and baby a smooth and safe delivery!

Text by: Patricia Murcia V. and Ike Naya Silana


5 thoughts on “Happy News from Monic!

  1. Wonderful news!

    I pray Monic will be 100% Safe and Healthy every moment up until, during/through, and after her pregnancy and delivery of her baby!!!!!!

    And I pray Monic and Tarzan’s little baby will arrive Completely Safe and Healthy!!!!!

    This little baby will have a half-sibling (also Tarzan’s child) too! I wonder if these two young ones will develop special bond??

    Praying Long, Happy, Healthy, and Safe lives to Monic, Tarzan, baby, and ALL Orangutans!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you team for the wonderful news! We’re extremely happy for Monic and Tarzan. We cannot wait for the baby to arrive! They’ve been through so much due to human greed. It’s wonderful to be able to help make things right for them again.

  3. Oh such great news on any day now another little orangutan will be born. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Best wishes to mommy and baby!

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