Friends and Families in Batikap

Edwan and Klowor

During mid-June, Edwan’s activities were recorded by the Monitoring Team. The male orangutan who was released on February 14, 2013 looked healthy and didn’t seem to be aware of the presence of the monitoring team. As he is now exhibiting more wild behaviours, had he known the team was around, he would have kiss squeaked or produced other vocalizations before moving quickly away.

Edwan was seen going about his daily activities; eating, travelling arboreally through the trees, and building nest. He is very skilled in choosing his natural foods and the team spotted him eating fruit, followed by enjoying tree bark and young leaves.  Edwan doesn’t seem to be a picky eater; according to the team’s observation so far, he enjoys many kinds of fruit. He was also seen actively moving from one tree to another, showing that overall he is adapting well to his new environment.


Edwan’s daily activities; eating and travelling -Photo by Ike

The team also observed Edwan with Klowor. The two males met and jointly conducted their feeding activities for a while, before separating towards different directions and continuing with their individual activities.

Tarzan Protects Monic

The monitoring team also found Tarzan together with Monic and the two were seen feeding on shoots together.

At the moment, Monic is heavily pregnant and Tarzan is often seen with her. He stays around as if he is protecting her, as he did with Astrid when she was pregnant.

Also like he did while keeping Astrid safe, Tarzan now long-calls pretty often. Tarzan doesn’t seem to be very happy to see the monitoring team around Monic and displays this by kiss-squeaking and dropping branches down to keep the team away.


Tarzan doesn’t seem to be very happy to see the monitoring team around Monic -Photo by Ike

The Good Mom Gadis

Gadis was observed while taking care of her daughter Garu not far from the Joloi River. While keeping an eye on Garu, Gadis was busy eating and the monitoring team reported that both looked healthy.

Garu is now brave enough to leave Gadis’s arms and move through the smaller branches. The knowledge she has received from her mother  continually helps increase her skills in living in the forest.


Being aware that the monitoring team was around, Garu creeped showing that she was not happy -Photo by Elldy

Being aware that the monitoring team was around, Garu creeped showing that she was not happy. Seeing Garu was scared, Gadis tried to protect her daughter. She kiss-squeaked twice towards the team and watched the human observers closely. After a few moments of watching she perhaps felt that they were not going to do any harm, so Gadis continued her meal and no longer paid the team any attention.

Seeing her mother relax, Garu calmed down. She continued plaing with the small branches and leaves around her. She didn’t care about the team’s presence and swung from one branch to another, and even moved a bit further from her mother who continually kept an eye on her.

Text by: Ike Naya Silana


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