Happy Moments in Batikap

Happy Birthday Astro

In December 2013, we are delighted to celebrate Astrid’s son, Astro’s first birthday.  Turning one year old, Astro is growing more active and already beginning to learn many skills from his mother.

During November 2013, the Team spotted Astro and Astrid 975 m along transect Joloi Anton.  This location is pretty far from where the pair was last located, but it is a great area with an abundance of wild fruits.

Astrid teaches her son how to choose the correctnatural foods they need by offering him many kinds of fruit to try.  Astro will then give each different fruit a quick taste then generally throw it away.  If he likes the fruit, he usually picks it up again and continues eating.

Other than learning with his Mother, Astro is now also confident enough to play by himself. The Monitoring Team observed him playing as far as two or three meters away from Astrid in a tree. Astrid clearly adores her son and to make sure no harm comes his way when he is playing by himself, she watches him attentively.


Mita and Tehang’s Friendship

Mita and Tehang are often seen feeding together.  They seem learn from each other, and often sit together closely in a tree.  When Tehang finds a new food, Mita watches as Tehang first tries the new food item and her reaction seems to inform Mita on the verdict, and vice versa.

Once, Tehang was building a nest earlier than Mita.  Mita tried to follow and build her nest next to Tehang’s.  For some reason, Tehang didn’t appear comfortable and left.  After Tehang left, Mita approached the nest built by Tehang and climbed in.  Five minutes later, Mita looked also uncomfortable and left the nest.  After Mita left the nest, she sat and watched Tehang in her new nest.  Finally Mita got up and built her new nest next to Tehang’s.  Tehang is really good at building nest.  Hers are always built with extra branches as the floor and make shift roof.  This habit has been adapted also by Mita. These two best friends just never stop learning together!


Gundul Looking Healthy and Gaining Weight!

Gundul was observed around Monnu when the Monitoring team saw him in a Durian tree.  In the two hours of observations, Gundul spent the whole time devouring Durian which were unripe.

After living in the Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest for one year, Gundul looks healthy and fat.  Her stomach looks big; we suspect that she may be pregnant since not so long ago, she spent quite some time with Jamiat.


Teks: Ike Naya Silana

Foto: Ike Naya Silana


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