Bye Mum! Bye Friends! I’m Off for My Adventure!

Jane and her two sons Jojang and Jiro were released into the  Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest on February 8, 2014. The three of them were released at the same points.  Once her travel cage door was opened, holding Jiro in her arms, Jane waited for her first sons’ cage to be opened.  But once his door was opened, seven year old Jojang, who was born on Kaja Island, dashed into the forest ignoring his mother and baby brother.

Jojang Moves Far Away from His Mother

Born and raised by his mother on Kaja Island has made Jojang as wild as a wild young orangutan could be.  The Monitoring Team hasbeen observing Jojang and recorded his behaviour. He dislikes human presence which he shows by kiss-squeaking and throwing branches towards the Team.

Jojang has now moved quite far away from his mother.  He has gone deep into the forest, while Jane who is still taking care of little Jiro is ranging by the Joloi River, which was the point of their release.

c Jane dan Jiro

Mothers Unite!

Despite being far separated from her son, Jane continues her activities as usual. Around her release point, she always seems to be together with Jupiter who is also taking care of her young, Julfa.  Both mothers have been observed learning from each other. They move from one place to another and see the foods each otherhas found.  Jane is more active moving around her new environment, while Jupiter is more active in trying new foods she finds.   They seem to spend quite a lot of their time playing.

Manisha Explores the Forest

A few days after her release, Manisha was always together with Jane, Jupiter and two male orangutans Mercury and Reno. The Team observed her spending even more time with Mercury and Reno, even though this didn’t last long. Reno left the “gang” first to explore deeper into the forest, foraging and doing his own activities. Jane also left the group and spends more time with Jupiter. Mercury stayed with Manisha for almost a month until finally she left him to explore the forest. The Team have been recording Manisha as being active from one place to another for one month, looking for her own comfortable home range.



Teks oleh: Ike Nayasilana dan drh. Fiet Hayu